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Anne Manx and the Black Knight

With Claudia Christian
returning as Anne Manx

Anne Manx Episode Recap

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Length 6mins. Covers Episodes 1-5


2015 Audie Award Finalist for Best Audio Drama

Anne Manx and the Blood Chase

Claudia Christian
Moira Kelly, Patricia Tallman
Digital Download $7.99 Audio CD $19.95

Anne Manx Birth of the Cat

Comic Book

Digital Download $0.99 Print $2.99

Starring Claudia Christian

Anne Manx
and the
Empress Blair Project
Anne Manx
on amazonia
Anne Manx
and the
Trouble on Chromius
Anne Manx
and the
Ring of Minotour
Anne Manx in
Lives of The Cat

Smokes a Joint
Patricia Tallman,
Kris Holden-Ried
Song Bird
Kelli O'Hara, EdAsner, Shirley Jones
Adventures of Red Cloud
Traci Elizabeth Lords
Flight of the Bumble Bee
Marina Sirtis
The Adventures of
the Brooke Sisters
The Adventures of
Garson Krebs
Private Eye
Stealer of Souls
Special appearance by
Katey Segal

"Atmospheric, entertaining, and technically dazzling."
-B.P. AudioFile 2014

"Who knew how well Ed Asner's gravelly voice would sound next to song birds Kelli O'Hara and Shirley Jones?  Great performances matched with audio wizardry make SONG BIRD yet another first class production from RRCA."-Scott D. Danielson, SFFAudio

[ANNE MANX ON AMAZONIA] "The actors and technology employed by Larry Weiner in his two hour opus along with a funny are a delight and Barbara Harris as the Queen is a hoot . Listen!" -Ed Asner.

"ANNE MANX ON AMAZONIA is a sure pleaser. While cloning, political corruption, old grudges, and romance are the pillars of the story line, the real story is that audio theater is not dead." D.J.B. AudioFile 2006

"Anne Manx on Amazonia is funny, action-packed, and touching. Fine writing, a wonderful cast, and first-rate production make this the best installment in the Anne Manx series. Don't miss it!"-- Scott Danielson, SFFAudio

"Anybody who is a fan of Barbara Harris (and anybody who has ever seen her probably is) will welcome her overdue return with cheers. Her performance here is ample evidence that the gifts she displayed as the Tony-winning star of THE APPLE TREE, Second City and FREAKY FRIDAY are undiminished." --.Jeff Sweet.

"Traci Elizabeth Lords is luxurious as Red Cloud, a sexy, sci-fi spy battling pirates, power-hungry politicians and personal demons on the tempting yet treacherous planet Chromius".-Jeff Berkwits 'Sound Space' columnist, SCI FI Magazine

"Lords proves she isn't just a movie/TV actress anymore. She conveys a new dimension to her career with this role and it sounds like she is having too much fun doing it."--Bennet Pomerantz, AUDIOWORLD

[ANNE MANX AND THE TROUBLE ON CHROMIUS] "From its high production values to its slick and sexy packaging, this episode of intergalactic gumshoe babe Anne Manx shines." D.J.B. (c) AudioFile 2003

[ANNE MANX AND THE TROUBLE ON CHROMIUS] "First-rate storytelling, fabulous production and familiar voices unite in a splendid sci-fi whodunit filled with sexual tension, clever humor and high-stakes drama." -- Jeff Berkwits, 'Sound Space' columnist, SCI FI Magazine



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