The Adventures of the Brooke Sisters



The Asylum Murders

People are being killed in this home for the elderly, yet criminally insane. At first Lieutenant Jones believes Barbara and Betty Brooke, two inmates at the institution, are the culprits. but when it is discovered they aren't , Jones enlists their help.

The Beauty Pageant Murders

Barbara and Betty go undercover as beauty pageant contestants to help Lieutenant Jones discover who is behind athe murder of Miss Vermont.

The Superbowl Murder

Skip Lightly, the star quarterback for the Wild Boars, has been murdered. The team's kicker has been jailed as the suspect. Barbara and Betty enter the Super Bowl as linebackers to get to the bottom of this one.

The Night Club Murder

The Girls use a medium to go back in time to discover who killed night club owner Johnny Loverboy.

The Radio Repertory Company of America