Anne Manx and the Black Knight

With her usual sly energy, quick wit, and sexy charm, narrator Claudia Christian once again portrays one of the galaxy's favorite detectives--Anne Manx. In this seventh stand-alone comic episode, Anne takes a tumble, starts seeing double, and ends up having to go to another planet and jump through an inordinate number of hoops to renew her P.I. license. Luckily, she has the help of a ridiculously mouthy drone named Tammy, who is depicted with a wink and vigor by Broadway stalwart Marin Mazzie. As usual, the Radio Repertory Company of America throws in high-definition sound effects and a fully orchestrated musical score. The Anne Manx series goes back 18 years and continues to entertain new and old listeners alike. B.P. © AudioFile 2018, Portland, Maine [Published: AUGUST 2018]

Anne Manx and the Blood Chase

Claudia Christian's wonderfully fluid voice can sound seductive, vulnerable, smart, and smart-alecky all in a single phrase. And in this sixth stand-alone installment of the Anne Manx series she needs everything she's got because suddenly the cat-like galactic private eye has run out of lives. Supported by vivid, well-mixed sound effects, a symphonic score, and a fine cast that includes Moira Kelly and Patricia Tallman, who returns as the diabolic Jean Richmond, Anne must travel to the ancient planet of Balduria to discover the secrets of her family's unique bloodlines. Bright, sassy entertainment.B.P. 2015 Audies Finalist © AudioFile 2015, Portland, Maine [Published: FEBRUARY 2015]

Anne Manx is a kick ass PI. But she is finally out of lives and is dying. Might be due to the drinking. After consulting a family member, she heads to her ancestral home of Balduria tracking a myth. She hopes to create a blood cocktail that will restore her 9 lives. However, when she arrives, there is plenty of grief and consternation to contend with. Apparently, if you are of ancient Balduria stock, you are hunted by the current government. If caught, the Ancient will be summarily executed and their blood drained and set aside to power the fanatics who currently run the planet. To top that off, Anne’s nemesis Jean Richmond (from Richmond Smokes a Joint which I enjoyed very much) is hot on her tail in the hopes of snagging the live-giving blood cocktail for herself.

I found this production even more enjoyable than Richmond Smokes a Joint. In essence, it is a campy space opera with plenty of action and snappy dialogue. I was often chuckling to myself while I listened to this book. I really enjoyed the humor, which is at times a little cutting and just touch punny.

The plot itself is fairly straight forward. There’s plenty of action. I was caught up hoping that Anne Manx would live to fight another day. Since I was introduced to this world through Jean Richmond in Richmond Smokes a Joint, I also wanted her to make it, though I was OK with her ending up with a black eye or a squashed nose. You can see from the list of cast members that there are many characters in this book and I was glad to see that the women take center stage. We need more gender balanced SFF and I quite enjoy what RRCA is doing.

If you’re looking for something light, funny, action packed, and with a touch of adult humor, then this should fulfill your needs. It’s a large galaxy with plenty more Anne Manx adventures awaiting! - Susan Voss,, May 2015

Richmond Smokes a Joint

The story was really fast paced, as one would expect from a short piece. The humor was laced throughout this space treasure hunt, though it sometimes relied on puns (which aren’t my thing, but might be your thing). There’s plenty of grown up humor with the innuendos and occasional sex scene. There pretty much is just one female character, Jean Richmond, and, of course, I would have liked to have seen more ladies in the mix. Jean used her feminine wiles to trick the boys, and out right strip teased to get her way in some cases. I kept fluctuating back and forth on whether to root for her or offer to toss her in a cell myself; and that was one of the things I liked about this story.

The quest itself, the hunt for the Marange Plate, was nebulous, and a little silly. The story really focused more on the characters double crossing each other (which was pretty entertaining). See, it’s not just Richmond who has secrets and a hidden agenda. So there were plenty of characters who I thought might be ricking up the body count. Over all, this was a fun story for as short as it was and I think it would be great to share with other adults on long commute. This is a spinoff of the Anne Manx series and works fine by itself (and my curiosity is now peaked to check out Anne Manx).
-Susan Voss, , April 2015.

The good cops are two-timing the grifters and bad cops in this homage to the golden age of 1940s detective and sci-fi radio. Ducking wonderfully silly tough-guy dialogue and achingly bad puns, Patricia Tallman ("Babylon 5") leads an enthusiastic cast on an interstellar search of the Sacred Plate of Marange. Anytime the word "marange" is used, things can't be too serious. Tying the whole goofy plot together are state-of-the-art sound effects of spaceship interiors, crowded bars, and dripping cavern walls. Angelo Panetta's musical soundtrack is punchy and vibrant throughout, especially when Tallman, as the sexy Jeannie Richmond, sings the blues. Atmospheric, entertaining, and technically dazzling.  B.P. AudioFile 2014, Portland, Maine [Published: AUGUST 2014]

Song Bird

I know the Radio Repertory Company of America best for the Anne Manx series. I’m a fan of those entertaining comic book dramas so I’m always thrilled when they send me something.

Before they get back to Manx, Angelo Panetta and crew offer Song Bird, a standalone science fiction audio drama. The story opens with a singer named Maureen Barnett (Kelli O’Hara) singing in an out of the way lounge. This is odd because she’s famous and should be singing in front of huge crowds. Amelia Storm (Shirley Jones) is also a singer and she’s got something to give Maureen – the ability to see the future. The gift immediately becomes a burden as Maureen sees disturbing things about her teenage daughter. The story then shifts into a higher gear when the things that worry Maureen actually take place and she’s forced to hire a private investigator to help her find her daughter.

After listening to this production, and so many other audio dramas over the years, I continue to be impressed by RRCA. The quality of the actors is one of the things that set RRCA’s productions apart. The actors here are excellent. Ed Asner plays a retired police officer turned private investigator, and is hilarious. Asner and Shirley Jones together are a delight and I wanted to hear more of them when it was over. First rate performances all around.

The second mark of an RRCA production is the quality of the sound. Music plays a large role here, and Kelli O’Hara and Shirley Jones sound great. Great care is taken with sound effects and background music. I urge you to grab a nice pair of headphones and give this production your full attention! It’s well worth your time. Enjoy! -Scott D. Danielson, SFFAudio,, July, 2011

Anne Manx and the Empress Blair Project

In this radio play, Anne Manx has undertaken to protect the young empress whose father has been killed and who soon will assume power from those who would rather keep it to themselves. Forces are working against her—and for her. The trick is to figure out which is which. The play has humor, action, and intrigue. It employs a full range of sound effects that are effective in creating the mood of the story and presenting the various settings in which the action occurs. Claudia Christian, in her role as Anne, is the anchor of the cast, and the quality of all of the performers is even and well matched. They keep the plot moving at a smooth and even pace. J.E.M.  AudioFile 2009, Portland, Maine [Published: AUGUST 2009]

This is the fifth installment of the Anne Manx audio drama series from Angelo Panetta and the good folks over at The Radio Repertory Company of America. Anne Manx is a superhero of sorts in this series, which can best be described as a comic book for audio. What’s special about Anne Manx? She doesn’t stay dead, but the number of her lives are limited. She’s got a job that requires those lives, too – she’s a planet-hopping private eye, and each episode presents new problems. In Anne Manx and the Empress Blair Project we find her on vacation at the Caraboo Islands, but the Empress Blair (of the planet Eranix), who’s sure she is a target for murder, interrupts Anne’s holiday. It takes a little convincing, but Manx agrees to help, and we’re caught up in another entertaining episode.

There are several things that set these RRCA productions apart from others. The quality of the actors is the most obvious. In this episode: Claudia Christian (Babylon 5), Ellen Muth (Dead Like Me), and Robin Atkin Downes, who is is a superior and popular voice actor that we’ve also seen on a B5 episode or two. I’ve enjoyed Claudia Christian as Anne Manx since the first episode (Anne Manx in Lives of the Cat). She’s tough, sexy, and I can’t imagine another actress in this role. Her co-stars in this one make the production an all-around joy to hear.

Another thing that I’ve mentioned in previous reviews is the script. This is a smart script that, though it doesn’t miss too many chances for sexual innuendo, is really funny at just the right places. Kudos to Larry Weiner for another job well done.

And lastly, the quality of the sound. Effects, music, and words combine in a way that I never wonder what the setting is, never wonder who is speaking, and I never lose the story. It’s easy to become completely immersed as a listener. My mind fills in the pictures, and I thoroughly enjoy listening.

So much so that I may just go find the first one and start over… back soon. -Scott D. Danielson, SFFAudio,, July, 2009

Anne Manx on Amazonia

Featuring more than 20 actors, original sound effects, a full orchestral score, and a total running time of two hours on two CDs, Anne Manx On Amazonia from Radio Repertory Company Of America starring Claudia Christian, Barbara Harris, and Patricia Tallman is an superbly recorded science fiction story involving Anne Manx, a private investigator hired in aide of a clone of Amazonia's queen in an attempt to attain perfection after a previous faulty cloning attempt (cloning being the means by which the succession to the throne of Amazonia is accomplished). As the first and flawed clone was originally disposed of, the newest clone's need for survival brings her to Anne Manx to help in obtaining diamonds stolen from Earth in order to restore the clone to perfection. Anne Manx On Amazonia carries viewers through riveting plot in which the evil Richmond returns to haunt Manx's already impossible life. Anne Manx On Amazonia is very highly recommended and a "must" for science fiction action/adventure fans. Internet Bookwatch, July 2006

Prepare to blast off to a galaxy of zingy sound design, adroit voice acting with a distinctly wacky twist, and characters who could exist only in a postmodern old-time radio theater production. With a stellar cast featuring TV and film actresses--Claudia Christian (THE HIDDEN, BABYLON 5); Barbara Harris (NASHVILLE, GROSSE POINTE BLANK); and Patricia Tallman (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION)--and a production team dead-set on creating a professional and briskly entertaining listen, ANNE MANX ON AMAZONIA is a sure pleaser. While cloning, political corruption, old grudges, and romance are the pillars of the story line, the real story is that audio theater is not dead. D.J.B.  AudioFile 2006, Portland, Maine [Published: APR/ MAY 06]

Anne Manx is played by Claudia Christian, of Babylon 5 fame. Richmond is played by Patricia Tallman, who was also on Babylon 5. Both of these actresses succeed in bringing their characters to vibrant life. The queen and her two clones were played by Barbara Harris, who was simply wonderful. I never had a problem distinguishing which character was speaking - they were three distinct people. I don't doubt that Barbara Harris would make a superior audiobook narrator if she ever chose to try it. To the great performances and excellent script add the sheer quality of production. RRCA is producing quality entertainment. Anne Manx on Amazonia is funny, action-packed, and touching. Fine writing, a wonderful cast, and first-rate production make this the best installment in the Anne Manx series. Don't miss it! Sience Fiction and Fantasy Audio,, February, 2006

I've done a lot of radio and loved it, but when I heard Anne Manx on Amazonia, I must say it was radio that was a departure from anything I had ever done. With perhaps a performance of Jabba the Hut I did for BBC.  Electronically enhanced to boot.

The actors and technology employed by Larry Weiner in his two hour opus along with a funny script are a delight and Barbara Harris as the Queen is a hoot . Listen! Ed Asner, JAN, 2006

Adventures of Red Cloud

The Adventures of Red Cloud is an audio drama starring Traci Elizabeth Lords, Brinke Stevens, and James C. Leary, along with a full cast and crew. Traci Elizabeth Lords is mesmerizing as the sexy Wendy McCloud, who trades professions - from hooker to spy - in order to find her father's killer. Lords is both funny and sultry as her character fights anger management problems and uses her feminine wiles to infiltrate the inner circle of a group of pirates and achieve her vengeful goals.

The script is witty, and all of the actors turn in nice performances. The score works well, and the effects professionally done. What's not to like? I found this audio drama very entertaining and am looking forward to more from the Radio Repertory Company of America.Sience Fiction and Fantasy Audio,, May,2004.

Anne Manx and the Trouble on Chromius 

You know the story. Smart-ass female private eye gets embroiled in something that's more than she bargained for. Using her brains, attitude, and savvy, she saves the day. Think V.I. Warshawski or Kinsey Milhone. The difference here is that we're talking science fiction and the setting is somewhere like the planet Chromius instead of New York or Chicago. But still... familiar territory.

Though the plot elements aren't uncommon, the overall production certainly is. Claudia Christian heads a very good cast in this well-produced satirical radio drama that reminds me how entertaining radio drama can be. This is real radio drama that pulls you in and doesn't let go.

Whether Claudia Christian is trading barbs with another character or questioning an informant, she presents a believable and hilarious main character. Her sidekick, played by Andy Hallett, made me laugh out loud more than once. The original music was also quite good, as were the sound effects. Through good headphones, I was fully immersed in the action-packed story. Sience Fiction and Fantasy Audio,, December, 2003.

From its high production values to its slick and sexy packaging, this episode of intergalactic gumshoe babe Anne Manx shines. Someone's obviously having fun putting together a cast plucked from various sci-fi fantasy TV shows. And CHROMIUS's plot brings together elements from BLADERUNNER, Sam Spade, and IMPOSTER. Loose and energetic, the story propels us through a satirical political intrigue and its bloody machinations. Tough and sexy Anne Manx punches, shoots, and wisecracks her way to the bottom of the rotting political barrel, and comes out smelling like a rose. Good fun for teens and older. D.J.B. (c) AudioFile 2003, Portland, Maine [Published: JUN/JUL 03]  

Combine a few worn old SF plots with a few TV actors in the lead, you would think this formula would sound like a recipe for failure, doesn't it? Well you would be totally wrong if you hear Anne Manx and the Trouble on Chromius (two CDs, two hours, multi-cast production, Radio Repertory Company of America). This audio, the third in the Anne Marx saga, is the best yet. It tops the previous Manx tales on audio, Lives of the Cat and The Ring of the Minotaur. Audio scribe and Craftsman Larry Weiner weaves a plot with witty humor and bold exploits which the RRCA is know for. leads the twenty voice cast as Manx. She seems like she is having too much fun with her co-star's Andy Hallet (from Angel), Paris Jefferson (from Xena), Richard Fish, and others. This audio is broad in the spectrum, filled with those adventures that only science fantasies like Star Wars and Star Trek Can do. Teens and adults alike will have a great time, better than a two-popcorn bag movie. To order this audio or the other Anne Manx in the series, go to, and tell them I sent ya! Bennet Pomerantz, AUDIOWORLD

Anne Manx and the Ring of Minotour

Claudia Christian (of TV's "Babylon 5") is back in her second adventure as the futuristic detective Anne Manx. In this adventure the nine-lived detective seeks to avenge the murder of her lover and to foil the plans of Jean Richmond (Pat Tallman, also of "Babylon 5"). Richmond has obtained the fabled Ring of Minotaur and plans to use it to achieve immortality. Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite of TV's "Xena") plays Charlotte Miller, a greedy anthropologist. The story is entertaining and well-produced, if a bit over the top, with Claudia Christian giving the most endearing performance in this hard-boiled sci-fi adventure. S.E.S. (c) AudioFile 2003, Portland, Maine [Published: DEC 03/JAN 04]

A great way to pass the time on a long commute or while doing some chores is the latest release of the Radio Repertory Company of America Anne Manx and the Ring of Minotour ($24.95, PO Box 8546, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663). Starring Claudia Christian and Patricia Tallman from "Babylon 5", along with Alex Tydings from "Xena", and a cast of more than 20 actors, original sound effects and a full orchestral score, this is great listening for two hours of pure science fiction drama. It is, in fact, a sequel to "Lives of the Cat." Bookviews, june 2001

"Anne Manx and The Ring of Minotour is a highly entertaining action-packed audio adventure filled with twists and turns. Claudia Christian and Patricia Tallman give great performances in this exciting installment of the Anne Manx series from the Radio Repertory Company of America" Sue Zizza, the Radio Works

This audiotheater paints vivid images onto a CD recording. The cast is stellar, but not too freezed dried to be stale. It beams light years past their past work. You explore an adventure in sound with this audio. Bennet Pomerantz, AUDIOWORLD

Lives of the Cat

Fans of the late "Babylon 5" television series have reason to rejoice. Two of the science-fiction program's stars appear in this tongue-in-cheek sci-fi adventure. Claudia Christian plays Annie Manx, a cop who discovers that death doesn't stop her. Patricia Tallman plays Lieutenant Richman, a military megalomaniac trying to take over the galaxy. Author Larry Weiner portrays a lame-duck political leader whose daughter has been kidnapped by a pair of dim-witted criminals. LIVES OF THE CAT is a funny, well-acted performance that celebrates its silliness without sacrificing production quality. This high-end spoof may remind listeners of ZBS's "Ruby" radio-plays, with its humor, techno-noir tone, and strong female characters. S.E.S. AudioFile 2000, Portland, Maine [Published: OCT/NOV 00]
Starring Claudia Christian as Detective Annie Manx, Lives Of The Cat is a dazzling science fiction action/adventure "theater of the mind" audio production that is fast paced, satirical, and a thoroughly delightful listening experience. Detective Annie Manx, is an honest cop in a system under siege, and the vicious Lieutenant Richmond (brilliantly portrayed by Patricia Tallman) and Annie's lover and Police Captain boss are marked for death, as they stand between Richmond and a police takeover of the entire sector. But when Annie gets killed, she comes back to life! Just how many lives does this cat have? Science fiction mystery, action, suspense, sex, and non-stop humor, are all wrapped up in a superb audiobook production!. Midwest Book Review, June 2000

In listening to The Lives of Cat (Radio rep), I was catapulted from my catharsis out of my catacombs in my mind. To most people, this action/adventure audio would seem catastrophic. This catchy combo mixes Heinlein's Friday with a sci-fi Dirty Harry blend. The cast, which includes the talents of Claudia Christian and Patricia Tallsman of Babylon Five fame , cauterizes all adventure genres with a wave of its multi-casted, audio theater hand of cavalierness. It brings the cinematic action to its audio drama best. This is the Best this audio company has ever done! Bennet Pomerantz-AUDIOWORLD

Flight of The Bumble Bee

Grab something to drink, a snack and kick back in your favorite chair. No, there is not a great new movie on television. Instead, get ready to be taken on an audio adventure with The Radio Repertory company of America's Flight of the Bumble Bee.
This audio book adventure, starring marina Sirtis (Star Trek: The Next Generation) as Lt. Nancy coy and Richard fish as commander Kurk manly, is the tale of the struggle between the Amalgamation and the evil consortium. The struggle heats up as rebels assault the planet Quatro Cinco.
Listen as Lt. coy gets assigned to rehabilitate manly once the greatest and best looking starship pilot in the galaxy - now nothing but a hopeless drunk - and put the interstellar kibosh on the rebellion.
This two-cassette adventure is filled with deep dark plots, exciting space battles and Airplane flavored humor. Along with the plot, battles and humor is an original score that makes this full-length feature a treat for the listener's ears.
Throughout the two hour story, listeners will be drawn into the story through a large cast of over 40 characters and original sound effects and a full orchestral score.
This is a great audio book. The story will have listeners laughing and will hold everyone's attention until the end.
Flight of the Bumble Bee is one of several titles available from RRCA, which also features The Stealer of Souls, Garson Krebs-Private Eye, and The Brooke Sisters. Visit to learn more about any of these titles. Michael Wright, Borger New-Herald, July 1999

Lieutenant Nancy Coy serves the Amalgamation, a league of planets threatened by the Consortium. When the planet Quatro Cinco is attacked, Lieutenant Coy is assigned to Kurk Manly, a once famous starship pilot who has become a hopeless drunk. It's up to Lieutenant Coy and Kurk Manly to somehow overcome sinister plots, deadly space battles, and even their own military hierarchy to save the planet and preserve the Amalgamation. Marina Sirtis and the members of the Radio Repertory cast perform wonderfully to provide a thrilling, very highly recommended, science fiction adventure that is heavily laced throughout with humor, action, music and sound effects. Internet Book Watch

"While, on that train of thought, Marina Sirtis (Councilor Troi on Next Generation) takes the helm of The Flight of The Bumblebee (The Radio Rep Company of America). This multi-cast production pokes its fingers in the eyes of Trek, Babylon 5, Forbidden Planet, Star Wars and other SF classics of the last fifty years. I must tell you that actor Richard Fish swims right along Ms Sirtis's commanding path and keeps pace with the star. If you want a good time, Beam aboard this Bee!" Bennet Pomerantz, AUDIOWORLD

"Yet another newcomer, The Radio Repertory Company of America (PO Box 8546, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663) has released Flight of the Bumble Bee, a two-hour, full cast dramatization ($19.95) starring Marina Sirtis, best known as Counselor Troi from Star Trek. It's grand science fiction with sound effects, music, the works. Their other titles are worth checking out as well." Bookviews by Alan Caruba, June 1999.

"...better than most of the shows on television." Virginia (Mann) Rohan, Bergen Record Entertainment Editor

Garson Krebs Private Eye

In the hilarious tradition of the Police Academy films, The Radio Repertory presents eight half-hour episodes featuring the earnest, bumbling gumshoe Garson Krebs. Unbelievably, he solves numerous mysteries: a husband is haunted by the ghost of his recently deceased movie star wife (to Krebs she looks like Lou Costello); a lottery winner is missing (or is he?); there's a (gasp!) phantom who is haunting an opera company and who has (oh no!) kidnapped an ingenue, and more. It's full of puns, silly, goofy, and just plain fun.

Heard originally on public radio, this dramatic, full-cast dramatization by the Radio Repertory Company is excellent. The talented actors, the sound effects, the writing, and the overall production values are high quality. Reminiscent of old radio, this audiobook will find an eager audience with listeners of all ages. Bette D. Ammon, Director, Missoula P.L., Missoulla, MT, Klaitt Magazine, September 1999

"I'm a big fan of radio mystery programs of the 40's and 50's...[Garson Krebs is] among the most superbly produced, clever, creative, and just thoroughly enjoyable." Sheldon Levy, fan of radio.

."There are some wonderfully comedic moments...from every technical and performance...a superb production...the writing was quite clever and humorous." Andy Trudeau, National Public Radio Programming Head