Smokes a Joint


Patricia Tallman a Jean Richmond

Kris Holden-Ried as Sid

Jerry Robbins as Herm

Produced by Radio Repertory Company of America

Associate Producer: Holly Evans

Written by Larry Weiner

Original orchestral score: Angelo Panetta

Club songs:
Words by Larry Weiner
Music written and performed by Justin Chase

Sound Design/Editing/Mix: Angelo Panetta

Sound Editors: Maggie Wright, Peter Bobinski , Kevin Cermak, Kevin Melvin, Gibor Rosenberg.

Cover Illustration: Douglas Shuler

Graphic Design: Liz Bradley

copyright 2014


Shells: Michael Burkett
Cap: Jerry Robbins
Sears:D J Vogel
McCarthy: Bob Hunt
Maitre’d: Tom Dheere   
Bartender: Bob Arsena
Goin’ North: Kevin Crawley
Robot 365: Tom Dheere
Man: Jon Duclos
Sous: D J Vogel
Man in Stall: Angelo Panetta
Gunner: D J Vogel
Marangian Scout: Tom Dheere
Doplar: Bob Hunt

 The Radio Repertory Company of America