Richmond Smokes a Joint

If you like your action with a hint of humor and a soupcon of sex, then "Richmond Smokes a Joint" will make you stand up and cheer. Bursting forth from the popular "Anne Manx" series, that felonious firebrand, Jean Richmond (Patricia Tallman, "Babylon 5", "Night of the Living Dead 1990") is back, and taking the spotlight in her own cosmically wild adventure!
L. Sid Knee (Kris Holden-Ried, "The Tudors", "Lost Girl") has a secret. He knows the location of the mythical Sacred Plate of Marange. When he approaches Richmond's ne'er-do-well boyfriend Herm (Jerry Robbins, "Powder River", "Beacon Hill") about obtaining the plate, the treacherous trio take-off on an intergalactic free-for-all filled with colorful crewmen, mysterious murders, dangerous double-crosses, and mommy talk.
Through its memorable characters, immersive sound design, and an original score, "Richmond Smokes a Joint" zips you from a secret safe to the caverns of Marange... where not even Richmond's considerable wiles and cunning might be enough to make her come out alive and on top.So, strap yourself in for a dizzying science-fiction adventure so clever, even the title itself is a double entendre! -Deniz Cordell

ISBN# 0-9771342-3-7 One Compact Disc $12.95 Our price $9.95

[For ages teen to adult] (copyright 2014)

Song Bird

Maureen Barnett (Tony Award winner Kelli O'Hara) was once a singer renowned the world over. Now though, things couldn't get much worse. She's stuck performing in dives, her daughter hates her, and she's recovering from a severe nervous breakdown that leaves her petrified in front of large crowds. Prospects couldn't look bleaker, when in walks Amelia Storm (Academy Award winner Shirley Jones), an aging chanteuse, offering Maureen the ability to see into the future.Maureen reluctantly accepts and finds herself haunted by visions of something dreadful happening to her daughter Holly, who is soon abducted and held for ransom.
Enlisting the aid of a freshly retired policeman turned private eye named Henry Powell (Emmy winner Ed Asner), Maureen goes on a dangerous journey to get her daughter - and her confidence - back at all costs.
From its atmospheric opening to its shocking conclusion, RRCA's Songbird is a sharp comic mystery filled with laughs, romance, two-fisted action, and winning performances from Shirley Jones, Ed Asner and Kelli OÂ’Hara.

ISBN# 0-9771342-2-9 Two Compact Discs $24.95 Our price $19.95

[For ages teen to adult] (copyright 2011)

The Adventures of Red Cloud

Wendy McCloud (Traci Elizabeth Lords) is ordered into Anger Management Therapy. But it's not much help when pirates murder her father, Planetary President of Chromius. Now that Anne Manx has left, Chromius still needs someone else just as smart, relentless, incorruptible...and sexy.
Telling Elaine (Brinke Stevens), Wendy abandons her career in the oldest profession for a new job: spy! Going underground as "Red Cloud," she infiltrates the inner circle around vicious Jake Bloom (James Leary), the greediest outlaw in the sector. "Red" risks her life to avenge her father and end a reign of terror engulfing the whole quadrant.
Red blasts headlong into a tight orbit of action, caught in a terrifying nebula of deception, sex, robbery, extortion, torture, mass murder, and even (dare we say it?) insurance fraud.
Radio Rep Company's latest production pulls no punches. Taut writing with tongue in cheek, splendid performances and superb production, all wrapped up in a magnificent original score.

ISBN# 0-9660392-9-7 Two Compact Discs $24.95 Our price $19.95

[For ages teen to adult] (copyright 2004)

Nominated for a 1999 Golden Headset Award

Flight of the Bumble Bee

The struggle between the Amalgamation and the evil Consortium heats up as rebels assault the planet Quatro Cinco. Lieutenant Nancy Coy (Marina Sirtis, 'Counselor Troi',"Star Trek: The Next Generation") is assigned to rehabilitate Kurk Manly, once the greatest and most handsome startup pilot in the Galaxy, now reduced to a staggering drunk-and put interstellar kibosh on the rebellion. Deep dark plots, bone-rattling space battles,and rollicking Airplane-flavored humor combine with a wonderful original score to make this feature-length story a treat for the ears that will sweep you away.

ISBN 0-9660392-6-2 two Compact Discs $24.95 Our price $19.95

[For ages teen to adult] (copyright 1999)

The Stealer of Souls

Four Half-hour episodes.

Katey Sagal ("Peg Bundy" on TV's Married With Children, and "Leela" from Futurama) makes a special guest appearance in this hilarious horror about a wickedly bad soul who tries to swipe the essence of innocents, leaving them with a blank look and an overwhelming desire to watch Maury Povich. The only opposition is a fumbling English professor armed with grape Jello! Wonderful new series from the Radio Repertory Company of America, with excellent production and a full original score.

 ISBN 0-9660392-0-3 Digital Download $5.99

[For ages teen to adult] (copyright 1998)


The Adventures of The Brooke Sisters

Four Half-hour episodes.

Clone Miss Marple, give'em a heavy dose of nitrous oxide, and you've got the Brooke Sisters! Two lovely, wacky little old ladies keep finding themselves bloomers-deep in murder and mystery in this hilarious series from the Radio Repertory Company of America. Four great stories feature our heroines as inmates, contestants, linebackers and time-travelers.

ISBN 0-9660392-1-1 Digital Download $5.99

[For all ages] (copyright 1997)

Garson Krebs Private Eye

Eight Half-hour episodes.

A tongue-in-cheek private detective with all the answers... and all the problems! This hilarious sleuth show combines the best of old time radio acting with modern sound effects, music recording and editing. From his search for a lady's husband (Whom he thinks is better off lost) to a crook with a sweet tooth and a sour personality, Garson Krebs faces each case with a wit that is guaranteed to bring you laughs! A Detective comedy adventure with real film noir feel.

ISBN 0-9660392-2-X Digital Download $6.99

[For all ages] (copyright 1996)

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