The Stealer of Souls



The Stealer of Souls

A guardian of lost souls has become disenchanted with his job, and after being unceremoniously fired, has taken to roaming the world and robbing innocent people of their souls. Those who have their souls pilfered by this nefarious spirit are easy to spot. A blank look envelops their faces, an unusual desire to watch Maury Povich, and the third, most horrifying symptom of all, is an abject fear of grape jello.

The Trouble with Amy

Professor Burt Southworth has been dragged into the quest for this evil soul when he discovers a friend's daughter, Amy, is in the process of having her soul snatched by the Stealer of Souls. Not only does he have to fight the evil soul, but also his department's chairman, who thinks Burt has lost his mind. Burt discovers the magical powers of grape jello, and, ultimately, the Stealer of Souls is forced to flee Amy's body.

Game, Soul, and Match

Tennis great Ace Romaine is engaging in some unusual behaviors, and those actions result in his losing the match. In the stands at one of his matches is Burt and his graduate assistant, Maggie. Ace has just been named to represent the United States in the prestigious World Tennis Competition. Operating at anything less than 100 percent would mean a devastating loss to the US


Git Along Little Soul

With special appearance by Katey Sagal.

Professor Burt Southworth and his graduate assistant, Maggie, go to Texas, where Burt is scheduled to be the featured speaker at a seminar for college English professors. However, their rented car breaks down, and the two are forced to spend the night in Houston. They decide to catch the local rodeo. During the show, Burt observes a rodeo clown engaging in some strange, yet all-too familiar behaviors. Yes, the Stealer of Souls has indeed set about to take the soul of the poor, innocent rodeo clown. Burt is forced to ride a bucking bronco in order to save another victim.

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